Virtual Event | Activating Freedom: With Liberty and Justice for All

Selected date

Sunday July 4

Selected time

11:00 AM  –  3:00 PM


The Fourth of July is remembered as the day when a newly forming country promised freedom and equality as part of its citizenship. However, it took several justice movements in the following centuries to extend those values, indicating that the work to ensure the full measure of freedom for all remains unfinished. With conversations about America’s future in focus, how might we build a “more perfect union”?


Join us for a virtual event filled with conversations, a show-and-tell of early items from CHM’s archives, Hands-On History activities, sounds and songs, and connecting America’s past and present freedom movements and hopes for the future!


This event is free of charge. We would greatly appreciate a donation to the Museum in any amount. Links will be provided after registration.



Coming soon!